Brenda Mertz was elected to travel to Holland and coach 13 girls representing the USA in the Youth Friendship Games.  Each day, I strted with three hours of training the girls and just getting to know each of them.  They were not only just a fun bunch of kids but also really good players.  One of our girls came in second against all the other countries and the doubles finished second as well.  The closing ceremony at the Friendship Village was awesome.  The coaches played teams from the Netherlands and Brenda partnered with Linda Breen from Pa, and won the women's doubles for the USA.  In conclusion, Brenda stated, "I am looking forward to one of the Clubs in Holland coming to our club for two weeks of tennis and touring around the sunshine state.  Tennis is truly a world-wide sport and I am proud to be a part of the USPTA.

                                                    Inducted into Hall of Fame

Brenda Mertz has been inducted into the Madison High School Tennis Hall of Fame in Vienna, Va.  In 1989, Brenda was a key component in the Lady Warhawks successful season.  Newspaper headlines proclaimed visions of future victories.  The girls on the team wrote that "It was the words of Coach Brenda before, during, and after every practice and match that never made a headline.  She was the solid foundation of the team's success.  Laughing out of control until bellies cramped and smiles hurt with the occasional breakout dance rutine-was as normal as picking up tennis balls after several rounds of drilling."

The girls danced on and off the tennis court to finish with a 15-0 record and the title, Northern Region Champions.  Coach Brenda continuing to preach the same philosophy, "Girls, this is our time to shine, now let's go have some fun in Lynchburg and show everyone what we are all about."  The following day the girls posted what everyone on the team agreed was their best match of the year, beating their host, 9-0.  This was the first year ever the school took home the state title.

Brenda Mertz and her team were inducted at the Westwood Country Club Jamuary 30, 2010 in Vienna, Va.  Mertz said that at the event 21 years later we all had our jackets, picture albums, newspaper articles, smiles on our faces and an evening we will all never ever forget.